They’ve just said we’re “completely out of touch” and not “looking at the wider picture” for opposing the short tunnel scheme and that most others are wrong too: “The majority of people against doing something about the A303 past Stonehenge, do NOT live where we live!” We’re grateful, as they’ve given us the opportunity to explain some fundamental realities to them:
1. It’s true, most people who object to the scheme do NOT live in the local villages. They live in 195 countries world wide and while none of them wishes for the local villages to be blighted by rat running, all of them think the Stonehenge landscape shouldn’t suffer as a solution to that.
2. They have the sense to know a longer tunnel would prevent both the rat running and the new landscape damage and that the cost of that is tiny relative to BREXIT and HS2.
3. They also know that if this was a bland agricultural area, a few square miles with little character, there’d be no problem. But it isn’t. It’s a World Heritage Landscape, Europe’s greatest prehistoric area.
4. Hence, if STAG is supporting a short tunnel as a solution to traffic in the villages it is they not we or the people of 195 countries who are “out of touch with the real world, focusing on one thing without looking at the wider picture”. If they were campaigning for a longer tunnel which caused no damage to the World Heritage Landscape they wouldn’t be out of touch, they’d be rational and well-informed. But they’re not doing so. Blaggarding the many thousands who are doesn’t make STAG rational or well informed. Quite the reverse. It should change. It could tip the balance.
And now our response: Clearly these people are in cloud cuckoo land and have not thought where the east and west portals would be if a longer tunnel were agreed - their original request being a tunnel 4.5km long starting from Folly Bottom.  This would take the western portal out - right adjacent to the monument!!   OK, so lets leave the eastern portal where it is on the plan....and so the west portal would have to exit right on Winterbourne Stoke's High Street or even straight into the River Till water meadow!!  I don't think that was the plan somehow?!! All of which would take a further 10 - 15 years of consultation and deliberation costing £4 billion instead of the present £1.7 billion!!  So! will all these groups have a whip round??  Probably not!! :)